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Dozwolone granice transakcji pozornej

Kwartalnik Krajowej Szkoły Sądownictwa i Prokuratury * 2024* tom 53* zeszyt 1* s. 59-78 * ISSN 2083-7186

Dozwolone granice transakcji pozornej

Permissible limits of a sham transaction


Piotr Kosmaty – doktor nauk prawnych, prokurator Prokuratury Regionalnej w Krakowie, Rzecznik Prasowy Krajowej Szkoły Sądownictwa i Prokuratury, Kierownik Wydawnictwa Krajowej Szkoły Sądownictwa i Prokuratury, stały recenzent miesięcznika „Prokuratura i Prawo”,  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7257-3014




URL: https://www.kssip.gov.pl/pobierz_plik/04_kosmaty.pdf

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The article deals with a series of legal and practical issues pertinent to the use of controlled buy as well as of controlled delivery or giving a material or personal benefit. The author emphasizes possible irregularities which may occur while performing special operations that make use of such a complex and complicated investigative activity. Policemen and secret service agents must use extreme caution while evaluating the degree of reliability of information which is intended to become the factual base for implementing the institution referred to in art.19a of the Police Act and in other rules about competencies. In many cases courts of law disqualified the evidence obtained this way because of the lack of sufficient verification of the attribute of reliability of the information collected. In addition, the Author has joined the opinions presented in the literature on the subject which postulates de lege ferenda a possibility of implementing controlled delivery or accepting or giving a material or personal benefit for fighting criminality. While working on the text presented to the reader, the Author held unique conversations with undercover agents whose daily routine is special operations. The conclusions resulting therefrom have been placed in the article. Undoubtedly, they will contribute to better understanding of the institution of controlled buy and controlled “bribe”. The indicated element of this paper constitutes an added value to the output of the doctrine.

Key words: controlled buy, controlled delivery, giving or acceptance of a material or personal benefit, sham transaction, subterfuge, reliable information, special, operation, undercover agent

Bibliographic Citation:

KOSMATY, P. Dozwolone granice transakcji pozornej, Kwartalnik Krajowej Szkoły Sądownictwa i Prokuratury. 2024, t. 53, z. 1, s. 59-78. ISSN 2083-7186. DOI: 10.53024/


Data publikacji: 
2024-04-07 12:09
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2024-04-07 12:08
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2024-04-30 11:37
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